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Self Insurance

Benefit Choices, Inc. administers Stand Alone Self Insurance packages including loss control, claims adjudication, Spec & Agg for workers' compensation and Spec & Agg for Employee Benefit programs for companies that qualify to provide their own workers' compensation and Employee Benefit liabilities.

Whether you are interested in becoming your own insurer through traditional self-insurance, risk retention groups or captives, Benefit Choices, Inc. can tailor your service contracts around your specific service needs.

  • Auditing Services
  • Loss Control Services
  • Claims Adjudication
  • Loss Reversing
  • Excess Insurers
  • Spec & Agg Contracts
  • Managed Care

in addition to the above services, Benefit Choices, Inc. can work with your appointed actuaries to project overall loss ratios following development payment patterns on previous claims. Triangulations, sometimes known as point-in-time studies, can also be used to project a final loss ratio by examining prior years loss ratios after certain timeframes and apploying any trend in deterioration to current years.